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Thank you for your interest in graduate study at . With a graduate population of approximately 1500, Rice's graduate programs are large enough to offer research topics in several important areas of study, but small enough to offer close personal contact between faculty and students. Our graduate students come to Rice from a wide variety of academic disciplines, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and from 50 states and more than 72 countries. See also: Rice Graduate School Highlights and An Overview of Graduate Studies at Rice.

Please remember that at Rice applicants must always apply through the department in which they wish to study and application forms are only available through the departments. You may wish to go directly to our Department List now and just click on the program you want to enter to be linked to the admissions requirement information for that department.

What are the requirements for graduate study?

Graduate study is open to a limited number of extremely well qualified students with a substantial background in their proposed field of study (this usually, though not always, means an undergraduate major in the field). Each department determines whether applicants have enough preparation to enter a given program and each department has requirements that may add to those of the university. If you have already reviewed the department requirements, please continue with this page or go to the following site to review the university's requirements. ( requirements for graduate admission)

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about the application process, department sites will have information that can help; some have "frequently asked questions" pages and all provide phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses. If you have questions about Rice's university-wide policies, you can write to The Office of Research and Graduate Studies at [email protected].

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